The Wall

Gods Angels Demons Fuck Off

Yes thanks you saved my life so many times

As I was asking for, petty survivor at any cost

Meanwhile around me Death was raging

Life and I were killing blaming ravaging destroying

And now what?

In the beautiful land of flowers of wonders of gentle birds

Curled up cursed down cured again and again

I cry you out of my space

Oh caretakers, for all I care, I can’t care less


Jealous of my grief, not wanting to release my sadness

The only thing left here for me, working for me

Caressing my lone lonely heart

Pouring honey in this so hard a world

The real holy reason for my laziness

Able to remove any “I should do”

– Anyway it is not right to be happy in this world

If you want to be normal you have to suffer

And to forget it through addiction of any sort –

So it’s been taught and shown to me

And so I believe, deep down where the beliefs are roots

And from those roots it flourishes the red tree

Bark of blood, mangling leaves, shrapnel flowers exploding

Anger, holy fury, fuelling myself into life into the action

Oh rush of rage jet propelled engine of my resurrection

Love and intolerance curled one around the other

Building up the vampire DNA of power on, again.

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