Radial Time Religion


This religion was born after the quantic discovery that time, instead of, or on top of, flowing in a linear or circular or wave way, is actually starting and irradiating in all directions from any point of the continuum net putting itself in the position of the observer.

And even the events when charged of emotional or intellectual consequences act as a Radial Time Explosions, with their timelines going in any direction, i.e. in the future, into innumerable different dimensions, and in the past, so affecting the actors involved in the event even before it actually happens.

All these timelines starting form infinites points intersect themselves with others, interacting in a way that the original scientists/ministries/founders of the Radial Time Religion tried to understand and interpret in the studies that formed part of what the people not properly call the holy texts of this cult, that in reality has not any one, neither any type of moral principles to be followed or even less taught; or statements about what is real or not; instead in this belief system anything is seen as true.

More than the specialist calculations around the mystery of time what changed the lives of the followers, and the culture of the societies where they live, is exactly this pragmatic continuous research of other, hidden aspects of the reality in any of its manifestations, that lead to the practice of the Holovision, which may be descripted as the main spiritual practice of this religion, its sacrament.

The Holovision is a type of meditation in which the observer/participant starts his/her own Radial Time Explosion consciously expanding not only his/her consciousness but his/her timelines to the infinite, free to examine and, if enough powerful, to act in, any point any relation in the infinite net of everybody else’s timelines.

More than time travel is time communication, is paradox surfing, is the active participation in of the cosmic concert; and in the creation mode, too.

Since the time lived by the Holovision observer/participant is running in another line from our 3D world, in a few hours of uninterrupted practice they can create a whole universe and follow it until its destructions.

The affiliates of the Radial Time Religion are gods; in the sense that they act as gods, their spiritual practice is to create universes in which they are The God, the demiurge. And these universes, as known by the science, are real. As they are the people and their lives inside these pocket universes.

The conscious Radial Time Explosions eventually started by anyone of the habitants of the pocket universe created by an observer/participant/god X is actually seen around the body of X while immersed in the Holovision as a blinking star, just a very very short life light, but they may be so many to give a halo of self-creating light all around, testifying the so many souls he created during his/her Holovision who have reached, at least, the same spiritual level of his/her creator. And this may be described as their main goal.

There are always people in the temples watching in awe the Holovisionaries, and it is believed that even just staring at their brilliant aura is a spiritual blessing and a total healing, and the temples are always full.

So in this religion there is a double type of participation, the Holovisionaires and the gatherers in the temples; but the roles are continuously switched at will, and there is no any type of priesthood, simply in the temples whoever is actually immersed in the Holovision is the officiant, and is the rite, too, the function itself.

The affiliates of the Radial Time Religion are free to use or don’t any plant, or synthetic supplement, but for sure they use magical plants during the very important initiations: the first is at 13 years of age and after passed it the youngsters go to live together in one of the communities reserved for them. The second initiation at the age of 20 is charged with a very important social role since it is a Collective Holovision Quest, where, as they fuse their personalities together, they fuse also the values the habits the social lifestyle of their experience of life in the teen-agers communities with the very energy of the elders community partecipating in the ceremony at the temple. In this way the politic and the social administration is renewed every year.

Sometimes, only once in a long while, one of the Holovisionaires suddenly disappears during the practice, to never be seen again, and just before to vanish in the thin air they all have been heard uttering the mysterious words: MAA DUP

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