Quest for Oroin: Orion

Our space pirates team on Orion, on the quest of the Oroin (ORO = GOLD) stolen from the humanity, after a long and difficult coming back from the inner core of the planet, hurt by the Machines’ Riot, finally found a way out to the surface: two twin caves.

Once in the open they found themselves on the top of an incredibly high mountain with an abysm in front of them: an impressive view of a complete world developing downstairs. So familiar.

Each one of the team realizes to be on the top of his own nose and that the planet in front is nothing else that his own body, a sort of a cosmic body, so huge to fill up the entire universe, that doesn’t exist out of it.

After a timeless meditation, they were attracted by some human voices coming from backward, where the nose/mountain slopes down more swiftly and so it would have been possible to walk down, just to find out a lot of euphoric barnacles flying around the forefront producing such a perfect imitation of the voices of the people more cherished by anyone of the pirates.

Our experienced team, more and more expert in the trick of the deep space dwellers, didn’t fall into the trap of running into the enemy occupied territory, and with the abysm in the back had no other way that re-enter the enormous nostrils caves.

After a very long half circle walk, they found refuge in a very ancient cave so welcoming warm homely and easy to be defended that they made base camp there to reorganize. Actually they sit inside the cave in a deep state of meditation in front of a very huge endless pillar of white light coming vertically from the deepness and going up….

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